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32-Year-Old Inventor Makes Real Life Wolverine Claws From ‘X-Men’!

Popular YouTuber and 32-year-old inventor Colin Furze recently set the internet on fire with his real life, retractable, 12-inch Wolverine claws. According to Furze, his invention represents the first ever fully automatic wolverine claws that deploy and retract automatically! The 12-inch stainless steel claws are sharp and not just for looks, at least sharp enough to […]

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Robot Jockeys Take on Camel Racing in the Middle East
Boeing’s Commercial Space Capsule Will Send You to Space in Style
SPINlab Improves MRI Sensitivity 20,000-Fold, Scientists Able to See Real-Time Cell Activity
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This Is Real Life… The Black Knight Transformer Is a Truck-Helicopter Hybrid!

Advanced Tactics, the company behind The Black Knight Transformer, has released incredible footage of the first test flight of the truck-helicopter hybrid. The Black Knight Transformer looks straight out of a video game and has been in development since 2010. Black Knight Features: Interior volume equivalent to the Blackhawk helicopter Automotive suspensions Drive trains and […]

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Life-Saving Luxury Raft Turns Sea Water into Drinking Water
Paralyzed Race car Driver Will Use Head Movements to Drive at Indy 500
“Space Sunflowers” Could Make Exoplanet Research Bloom
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