Boeing’s Commercial Space Capsule Will Send You to Space in Style

By: | May 18th, 2014

Boeing recently revealed pictures of its CST-100 manned space capsule, an aircraft capable of transporting up to seven crew members and/or cargo to places like the International Space Station.

Chris Ferguson, Boeing’s Director of Crew and Mission Operations for the Commercial Crew Program, says, “We are moving into a truly commercial space market and we have to consider our potential customers, beyond NASA, and what they need in a future commercial spacecraft interior.”

The CST-100 isn’t set to launch until 2017, but people are already excited about the interior design and new tablet-based control interfaces.

Boeing’s engineers are focusing on minimizing clutter within the aircraft. Along with the tablet controls, the CST-100 will feature lightweight plastic seats, LED lights, and large windows in order to create a more open feel inside the space capsule.


More pics:

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