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Navy’s New 80 MPH, 240 Horsepower Mini Humvee Designed For Airdrops!

The US Navy’s new mini (60-inches wide) vehicle/humvee called the Phantom Badger was designed specifically to fit inside of military aircraft and to be airdropped into combat zones. As if that’s not already awesome enough, the vehicle can reach speeds upwards of 80 mph and has 240 horsepower to work with! The Phantom Badger has […]

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Drone Dentist Flies Off with Boy’s Tooth
Show of Hands – Who Wants the 740-HP, $500K Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Supercar?
Noise Violation Inspires Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to Sprout a Sound-Muffling “Green Roof”
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Injectable Oxygen Microparticles Keep You Alive, Even if You’re Not Breathing

Scientists have developed tiny, injectable oxygen microparticles that can do the unthinkable … keep you alive even when you’re not breathing. The microparticles come in 2 to 4 micrometer tiny capsules and are made of a single layer of lips encompassing a bubble of oxygen gas, which can be injected directly into the blood stream. […]

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Replacing Robots With Humans Increases Efficiency and Quality … Just Ask Toyota
Finally! Advertisers Spend More Money On The Internet Than On TV For The First Time In History…
Airbus Releases Photos of Its Highly-Anticipated A350 XWB Jet
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