Noise Violation Inspires Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to Sprout a Sound-Muffling “Green Roof”

By: | April 12th, 2014

Construction will require three cranes and nine months of work but there’s no word on when the project will begin construction. Image © SHoP Architects

A few thousand dollars from a noise violation fine has motivated a noisy neighbor to go green. The white roof atop Brooklyn’s Barclays center will soon be gone because, according to developer Forest City Ratner, a “green roof” full of small plants and soil will cover the top of the building.

The patch of landscape will cover 130,000 square feet and instead of being open to the public, will be used to improve the view and property value of the area.

SHoP Architects

SHoP Architects

The huge advantage of installing the “green roof” will be its ability to reduce the noise from live events, especially the concerts that take place at Barclays Center on a regular basis.

After receiving a $3,200 noise violation fine from the city of Brooklyn last year due to a Swedish House Mafia concert, Barclays Center is relying on the greenery to eliminate future noise complaints and fines.

Marshall Smith

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