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Caltech Researchers Develop Wearable Sensor for Noninvasive Inflammation Monitoring

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology, Caltech, have developed a wearable skin sensor known as the InflaStat. This sensor is capable of wirelessly and noninvasively detecting the biomarker of inflammation in sweat. It offers a convenient alternative to invasive blood tests for individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases. This groundbreaking technology will benefit patients as […]

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World’s First Cosmic-Ray GPS: Enhancing Search-and-Rescue and Volcano Monitoring
UK: First 100 Gbps 6G Sub-THz Connection
Advancing Towards Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee Beans: Researchers Make Significant Progress
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From Little Things, Big Power Grows: Vibration-Powered IoT Networks Enabled by Nanogenerator

Nanogenerators have already demonstrated their effectiveness in powering small devices like sensors and medical implants. In the exploration to adapt this technology for larger applications, particularly Internet of Things (IoT) networks, researchers have come up with a new solution. Researchers at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto have developed small nanogenerators that […]

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Transforming Pregnancy Testing: ‘Pee On The Stick’ To ‘Spit On The Stick’
WHO’s Cancer Research Agency Labels Aspartame Sweetener as Possible Carcinogen
Revolutionizing Aviation: MIT Engineers Built Powerful 1-Megawatt Electrical Motor to Electrify the Skies
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