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Next-Generation Silicon Battery Materials to Boost EV Range with Just 10-Min Charging

After years of development, a new class of long-range EV batteries is heading to production to replace Chinese graphite with US silicon-based batteries.Longer range and faster charging Powered by new silicon-based electrodes, these batteries hold more energy, are lighter, and charge more quickly. The future release will decrease the charging time to as low as […]

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Thermometer Maker Fined $200K Over Mercury Overexposure: A Wake-Up Call
Wind Power Giant RWE will Use Wooden Turbine Towers to Lower Emissions
World’s First Instant Beer, Just Add Water and Stir
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Universal Hydrogen: Successful Test Flight of H2-Airplane

The US start up based in Los Angeles, Universal Hydrogen, recently successfully tested a hydrogen-powered aircraft (ATR 72) that according to the company accomplished a 15-minute flight from the Grant County International Airport in Washington, which was primarily flown using hydrogen fuel. The flight was operated by one pilot and two flight crew at an […]

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X1 Wind: Floating Wind Prototype Delivers Power
An Inexpensive New Additive to Reduce Concrete’s Carbon Footprint
Robotic Hand with High-Resolution Sensors Can Accurately Identify Objects with Only One Grasp
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