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US Air Force Invests $75.5 Million in Creation of Largest Wireless Ad-Hoc Network in the World

The US Air Force is leading the charge by exploring the practical application of ad-hoc wireless networks. The air service has recently awarded a whopping $75.5 million contract to Persistent Systems, a New York-based company, to develop the world’s largest wireless ad-hoc network. Persistent Systems is renowned for being at the forefront of wireless communication […]

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Ultra-thin And Low-cost: Into The Next-Generation Of Flat Screen
EVs To The Skies: Autoflight Sets New World Record For Longest eVTOL Flight
Rolls-Royce To Build Miniature Nuclear Reactor for Future Moon Base By 2029
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South Korea to Build the World’s Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel

We’re at the dawn of a new, weird international contest, this time with circles rather than skyscrapers. The London Eye, Dubai Eye, Singapore Flyer, Las Vegas High Roller…Ferris wheels have long been capturing the attention of the world. Now, taking this up a notch by breaking away from the traditional appearances of Ferris wheels, South […]

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England Now Legalizes Commercial Development of Gene-Edited Food
Tiny pH sensor That Could Be Next-Gen Freshness Predictor for Packaged Food
NASA Unveils A New Spacesuit For Artemis Moon Mission
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