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Rapidfire Turret – A New Generation of Artillery to Take Down Drone Swarms

The threat posed by drones to civilian and military targets in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has generated enormous interest in drones globally. Although small, slow, and easy to shoot down, drones pose a significant threat when they come in swarms. Counter-drone technology is rapidly emerging to respond to drone threats Now, Nexter and Thales have […]

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New Transparent Solar Panels Could Turn Your Windows into Power Source
Power Trip in the Research Lab Leads to a Revolutionary Technique of Generating Hydrogen
Scientists Transplant Human Brain Cells Into Rats to Study Neurodevelopmental Disorders
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0-62 in 1.461 seconds: Students break the Electric Car acceleration Guinness World Record

Electric vehicles are slowly taking over the automobile market. However, it is still a new market and automobile companies are trying to make electric cars better or more efficient. Now, a team of students from the University of Stuttgart in Germany has broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest-accelerating electric vehicle. Until recently, the […]

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Light-Activated “Smart Plastic” Material Is a Step Forward Toward Soft, Flexible Robotics and Electronics
Researchers Develop Edible, 3D-Printed Cookies with Baked-In QR Codes
NASA’s EMIT Instrument Detects 50 Methane “Super-Emitters” From Space
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