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A Painless 3D Printed Vaccine Patch That Can Be Self-Administered

The timely development of Covid-19 vaccines brought hope to the fight against the global pandemic. But getting a vaccine requires a visit to a clinic or hospital. The vaccine needs cold storage and a health care provider to inject it into the arm. This is slowing down the mass vaccination rate. Scientists from Stanford University and the University […]

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Whitest White Paint Ever Could Eliminate the Need for Air Conditioning
This Is How 5G Will Change the World According to Qualcomm
DARPA Successfully Test Fired the Hypersonic Cruise Missile
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Rolls-Royce’s All-Electric Aircraft Has Completed Maiden Voyage Successfully

Rolls-Royce has proudly announced that its all-electric airplane, named the ‘Spirit of Innovation’, has completed its maiden voyage with success, proving its worthiness. The plane flew for approximately 15 minutes, taking off from and landing at the Boscombe Down site in the UK. This first flight is an amazing achievement that has been planned for […]

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Ford Partners With Redwood Materials to Recycle EV Batteries
Apple Will Soon Give Up Resisting USB-C Chargers for iPhone
The World’s Most Efficient Solar Cell Uses Copper Instead Of Precious Silver
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