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Charge Your Batteries Using Atmospheric Humidity

Researchers from Tel Aviv University have discovered that humidity in air has potential to become a source of renewable energy. The team successfully generated a voltage using only water and metal in their laboratory experiments. Although energy generated is very small, but if they raise the stakes, the technique could be used to charge batteries. […]

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Prototype Device Captures Harmful Micro-plastic Particles from Car Tires
Why Diesel Engines Produce Higher Torque than Gas Engines
Rolls-Royce Produced the Last L-Series Engine After a 61-Year Run
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Tesla Supplier Just Announced a Battery That Will Last for 1.2 MILLION Miles

Tesla’s Chinese battery firm ‘Contemporary Amperex Technology’ (CATL), claims it is ready to start production on a battery that can run for 1.24 million miles (2 million kilometres). It is no doubt a massive leap in the longevity of an electric car battery.  It is a big breakthrough and could have a big effect on […]

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New Microscope Is So Powerful It Might Revolutionize Quantum Science
Australian Startup Turned Recycled Batteries into Vital Fertilizer for Plants
Shadow Power: Solar-Powered Device that Generate Electricity from Shadows
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