Microsoft Unveils Cortana… The Siri Killer?

By: | April 2nd, 2014

Microsoft has unveiled what many are calling the Siri killer, Cortana, a personal assistant for your smartphone and based off the artificial character from the Halo video game franchise.

Cortana is set to compete with Siri and Google Now, but Microsoft believes they have developed the most personal digital assistant on the market.

Set to be rolled out for Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana not only does everything Siri does, the assistant is capable of answering more dynamic questions and can set social reminders such as reminding to ask your cousin about his new job every time you talk to him.

The one thing gamers will notice and immediately feel comfortable with is Cortana’s voice since Halo is one of the most popular gaming series of all time.

Whether Cortana will stack up with Siri and Google Now remains to be seen but at least we won’t mind listening to Cortana’s answers!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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