Microdrones Are Helping Us See The World Like Never Before

By: | July 22nd, 2013

Remote control mini drones or micro drones are now being used for a plethora of important applications. These include aerial mapping services, search and rescue, inspection services like power line monitoring, police security, aerial surveillance, scientific services, photography, art, and sports among others.

Software and GPS capabilities allow the newest generations of microdrones to integrate with Google Earth to program a flight path based on geolocation coordinates. The following image shows a pre-defined route for taking pictures of a large tower.

Lot’s Of High Tech Bells & Whistles

Today’s mini UAVs are sophisticated providing intuitive handling, a wide array of functionalities,the latest waypoint navigation software capabilities, map importing, data verification of flight details, geo-referencing, the ability to program visual markers and camera angles, downlink decoders, in-flight camera angle movement, automatic takeoff and landing, and more.

Ascending Tech’s ASCTEC Falcon 8 (slideshow)

The trend toward using remote control airplanes (RC Airplanes) for aerial photography for both still and video imaging is picking up steam. RC airplanes are now used for photographing waypoints and paths, panoramas, points of interest (POI), circles of interest (COI), surveillance, and more. Ascending Technologies manufactures both professional and hobby versions of this product.

Aerial Imaging Of African Wildlife in Nairobi With Minidrone

Microdrones GmbH is another drone manufacturer founded in 2005 by engineers involved in the aerospace industry who have diverse backgrounds in aircraft development. Microdrones focuses on Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) and Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV).

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