Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept is Mean, Clean and Green

By: | December 28th, 2012

As mentioned earlier this month, the Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force concept was built as an entrant for this year’s LA Design Challenge. The radical concept, visualizing what a rugged vehicle will look like more than a decade in the future, takes some of its styling cues from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class – a capable off-roader, despite its luxurious appointments.

Conceptually, the Ener-G-Force utilizes a “hydro-tech converter” to convert water into hydrogen for its fuel cell power. Emitting nothing but water vapor out of its exhaust pipes, the SUV has a range of about 500 miles and is nearly unstoppable thanks to its four wheel-hub electric motors that are electronically controlled to precisely handle any terrain. Adding to the Ener-G-Force’s capabilities is its Terra-Scan system, highlighted by a 360 degree topography scanner that automatically adjusts its suspension on the roll.

But more impressive than anything else, and really upping its “wow” factor, is the fact that Mercedes-Benz invested the time, effort and resources to build this cool design study – a “concept car” in the traditional sense of the term – that has zero chance of seeing production (those huge plastic wheels don’t even turn). Regardless, it’s a lot of fun to look at.

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Jeremy Helms

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