Manufacturing Electronic Components for High Risk of Failure Equipment

By: | March 27th, 2017

Manufacturing electronic components for high risk of failure equipment demands consistency.

Capacitors, resistors, and cell phone parts have to operate flawlessly to ensure optimal equipment performance.

Electronic components for devices such as pacemakers and aerospace controls have absolutely zero room for failure.

As a result, choosing the right company responsible for handling the components that go into these devices is critical.

Despatch ovens are used by top manufacturers for this very reason.

Consider curing the epoxy on expensive PCB boards, switches, and fiber optics that require precise, repeatable and uniform temperatures.

Despatch’s LCC oven can deliver this highly sought after invariable temperature for as long as it’s in service thanks to its solid build quality.

But that’s not all…

Manufacturing electronic components for high risk of failure equipment also requires cleanroom level air quality.

Merely one tiny particle in a camera component can lead to 12 pixels being affected, ultimately resulting in image sensor defects.

The Despatch LCC ovens feature a HEPA filter which refines the air to standard clean room quality, eliminating any chance for dust particles to be introduced.

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