The Lyric Speaker Displays the Words to the Song You are Listening to in Captivating Graphics

By: | October 22nd, 2016

SIX Inc.

If you’re a big fan of lyrics and need them even more in your life than simply listening to them, the Lyric Speaker has got you covered.

Developed by SIX Inc., the speaker literally displays captivating motion graphics of lyrics on the device perfectly in sync with the song it is currently blasting.

The Lyric Speaker works by wirelessly connecting to a cloud database called PetitLyrics to match the mood of the song.

For example, if a smooth, acoustic tune is playing, the lyrics will be more low key, but if a rock ballad is playing, the lyrics will be represented by much more powerful graphics.

The developers of the speaker refer to this lyric-to-beat/song matching tech as Lyric Sync Technology, even going as far to boast that it’s the first of its kind.

“Amid the rapid digitization of the music industry, not many people will think much about the lyrics booklet that came with the cover sleeve of a physical CD or the purpose it served,” says Jin Saito, Creative Director of SIX. “The Lyric Speaker is an Internet of Things speaker that brings back the utility of a lyrics booklet but takes it to the next level using technology and stunning visuals.”

The Internet of Things saga continues!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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