Live with 1 Million People in a Futuristic Pyramid City

By: | December 18th, 2013

Dubai is building one of the wonders of the world, inspired by incredible feats of architecture of Mayans and Egyptians. They built the pyramids to weather the test of time, but masterpiece structure ‘Ziggurat’ will be self-sustainable with all natural-energy sources.

Here are some interesting facts and features that are going to be incorporated in the Ziggurat Project:

• Ziggurat is named after the temple towers of the ancient Mesopotamian valley.
• The structure is a gargantuan and will cover 2.3 square kilometers (0.88 square miles).
• Ziggurat is green and will be capable of running completely off the grid by utilizing solar, steam, wind and other natural resources.
• This carbon-neutral structure is shaped like a pyramid and will house nearly one million people.
• This structure will have plenty of green spaces for recreation and agriculture.
• The building has an efficient public transportation system that will run horizontally and vertically.
• It will use just 10% of land surface that a normal one million person city would need.
• Facial recognition technology for security purposes will be integrated into the structure’s design.

Ziggurat was unveiled at the recent Cityscape Dubai. The project puts forward the ideal model for the future with space-saving design and non-reliance on fossil fuels.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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