Leading Rapid Manufacturer WayKen’s New Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

By: | June 2nd, 2020

WayKen, headquartered in Shenzhen, is China’s leading rapid manufacturer of high-end prototypes. The company is known for its rapid tooling, CNC machining, engineering design and use of the latest technology and equipment to maximize machining capabilities. WayKen recently added a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to help create highly accurate, high performance parts in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes.

WayKen’s New Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

WayKen’s new CMM is used to manufacture high quality parts by allowing probe movement along three axes X,Y and Z which are orthogonal to each other in a 3D Cartesian coordinate system. Each axis has a sensor that monitors the position of the probe on that axis to micrometer accuracy. As the probe contacts or detects a location on an object the CMM samples the three position sensors, measuring the location of a point on an object’s surface. This process is repeated until a “point cloud” is created that accurately describes target surface areas.

The company’s CMM works with a wide range of sizes and precision classes to manually or automatically create fast, accurate component and surface data resulting in high quality parts. WayKen offers different types of CMM including large Gantry, Bridge, Horizontal Arm, and small Cantilever, each with its specific applications and benefits.

How WayKen New Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Benefits Customers

WayKen’s new CMM machining equipment enhances offerings to customers in the following ways.

Improved Accuracy

The application of CMM during the assembly and manufacturing process increases the accuracy of parts produced because all measurement results originate from one source, the part coordinate system. Errors are minimized and accuracy of parts produced is top-notch.

Minimal Configuration Time

Activities such as surface plate inspection during the production process often consume too much time. Coordinate Measuring Machines use less time by quickly aligning a specific part in X, Y, and Z axes. Operators are able to compare data directly with drawing dimensions. WayKen customers benefit from improved quality because the CMM minimizes errors during the creation process.

Enhanced Productivity

WayKen customers can count on the highest level of productivity in operations and the production of different parts due to the use of CMM machines. The functional features of the Coordinate Measuring Machine reduce operational time and increase accuracy levels during the production period leading to the production of parts that meet desired quality requirements.


The Coordinate Measuring Machine can be used to measure a variety of parts, unlike some conventional tools that are only meant for one specific application. WayKen is now using its new CMM measuring tool on a range of parts such as warped surfaces and gears. The probe provides light contact and different parts can be measured and inspected using mechanical, optical and laser or white light methods.

WayKen has factored in a variety of considerations before deciding on adding an extra CMM measuring tool to improve part quality. Our ever-growing customer base has led to an increased demand for production. There is a wide range of parts to be measured and a new coordinate measuring machine helps simplify operations at WayKen. 

Using a new CMM machine with the latest software will play a crucial role in improving the machining process we offer and in WayKen’s growth.

About WayKen

WayKen offers plastic CNC prototyping, aluminum machining, SLA & SLS rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, rapid injection molding, automobile and medical device prototyping, 3D printing services and more.

WayKen produces high-end prototypes using the latest technology, equipment and techniques. The company offers one-stop prototyping services from visual design models to full-functional prototypes using more than 30 engineering-grade plastics and metals with tight tolerances and fast turn-around times.

WayKen offers industrial design, consumer and commercial product prototyping in the automotive aerospace, medical and healthcare industries. WayKen’s biggest asset is their customer base, which has grown through word-of-mouth to include companies around the world from independent inventor designers to large automotive, medical, household appliance and aerospace companies.

WayKen is a One Stop Prototype Shop Certified by ISO 9001: 2005, from Prototype to Production. WayKen takes the lead in different types of prototype machining, especially in CNC prototyping, custom metal and plastic parts with low-volume manufacturing.


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