Industrial Design Engineer Problem Solving Skills

By: | January 21st, 2017

The Need for Full Understanding of Problems

A great number of factors influence the creation of a final product. These include intricate knowledge of the environment in which the product will be used and creating and designing a product that can be manufactured efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Industrial design engineers bring together a number of disciplines, including experience in design manufacturing and information systems, that help them focus on creating processes that are easy to maintain when creating a product. Great designs require a deep understanding of how people use a product and even seek to change the ways people use a product, saving them time, money, and effort. Systems engineers often work concurrently with design engineers, but rather than focusing on the details of design engineering, tackle issues arising from subsystems, interfaces, and problems that interfere with mission requirements.

Developing Knowledge Needed to Create Great Products

The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” applies to the engineer designer. If they don’t have access to information about the needs of a company, what the company is trying to accomplish, and the product lifecycle, they will be unable to properly design controls, processes, and procedures to attain the desired outcome.

A constant theme for industrial design engineers is to be creative – even ingenious – and to revise novel production processes that reduce the use of materials, labor, and time without compromising objectives. The availability of new materials and technologies is often influential in making a product more efficient.

Finally, worker and product safety and good environmental impacts are critical while creating products with extremely low error rates at a reasonable cost that makes the difference between success and failure.

The following video explains how everyday household objects are designed by industrial design engineers.

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