Dell Introduces New Precision Desktop and Laptop Workstations Supporting AI Workloads

By: | April 16th, 2024

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Recently, AI has revolutionized the world in various fields, especially the software development industry. Many developers and enterprises are looking to jumpstart AI development and incorporate AI experiences into their apps.

Dell has recently announced its new workstations, focusing on enhanced support for artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. The latest additions to its Precision workstation lineup with five new laptops including the Dell Precision 3490, 3590, 3591, 5490, and 5690. The other two new desktop computers are the Precision 3680 Tower and 3280 compact form factor (CFF) desktops. All will be available in March 2024.

A significant upgrade to the 2024 Precision lineup is that the workstations all incorporate the latest generation of Intel Core or Core Ultra CPU, which now includes a neural processing unit (NPU) for AI workloads. According to Dell, the NPU is a specialized processor optimized for handling complex mathematical computations integral to artificial neural networks. 

An AI acceleration engine added to the NPU is to take on more dedicated AI tasks, helping to free up the CPU and GPU. As a result, it provides a more responsive experience and improves performance, security, productivity, and battery life.

NPUs are developed to optimize for data-driven parallel computing, making them highly efficient at demanding processing tasks such as eye tracking and picture framing, machine learning algorithms, background blur, massive multimedia data transformation for videos and images, as well as large volumes of data for neural networks.

Dell’s new lineup workstations are said to meet the performance needs of users and developers.

For example, the Dell Precision 3490 is a 14-inch mobile workstation that can be equipped with the Nvidia RTX 500 Ada Generation GPU. Meanwhile, the Dell Precision 5690 is a 16-inch workstation with AI-based optimization, which is the most powerful of the five new Precision laptops offering up to the Nvidia RTX 5000 Ada Generation discrete GPU and the option of a 4K OLED touch display. 

One of two new Precision desktops, the Dell Precision 3680 Tower is an entry-level workstation, supported up to the Nvidia RTX 4000 Ada Generation graphics card and up to 8 TB of storage and 64 GB of memory.

Not only that, the new laptops also include a dedicated key for launching Microsoft Copilot.

Ashton Henning

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