How to Achieve Work-Life Balance in Private Aviation

By: | November 1st, 2023

Photo by Yuri G. on Unsplash

Working in the aviation industry is, naturally, something of a lifelong dream for many people. Whether learning to fly and taking control in the skies or taking a natural gift of hospitality to the aisles of private aircraft, working in aviation can be a lucrative and rewarding vocation.

If you’ve been looking at private air hostess jobs as a viable career, you are likely someone driven enough to make your life work around such a dream career. However, achieving a positive work-life balance in a career that revolves around international travel can be a little more difficult than most. What are some simple ways in which you could ensure your dream aviation career is as enjoyable and rewarding as it can be?


The first and most obvious factor in improving work-life balance is self-care. The term has become a little toothless in recent years, so don’t let it fool you; self-care is a powerful, even essential aspect of finding joy in life and retaining energy in work. This means giving yourself downtime in order to treat yourself well, from taking regular baths to ensuring you get fresh air and calm throughout your week.

Diet and Exercise

Self-care extends to the very basics of looking after yourself – namely, what you eat and how you exercise. While private aviation can be a hands-on and active career path, it can also be quite sedentary. Meals on private flights are also somewhat out of your control – which, coupled with a compulsion to save time and energy outside of work by ordering takeout, can lead to negative consequences for the body. 

High cholesterol and poor mental health are linked, just as exercise has been linked to positive mental health benefits. Ensuring you eat well and exercise regularly is the least you can do for your own wellbeing, both in and out of work.

Time Management

Working in private aviation practically guarantees a non-standard working schedule. Red-eye flights, last-minute bookings and overnights in entirely different continents can make it hard for you to know which way is up, let alone manage the free time you do get at home. This is where the power of time management becomes clear to see. Being able to prioritize your health and wellbeing in downtime is a skill hard learned, so the sooner the better!


Finally, working in private aviation in any capacity can be something of a lonely experience. As we’ve discovered, the unusual hours and international demands of tending to private flights can make managing your private life difficult, let alone any kind of social life. But putting a little time aside to think about your social life could be all you need to help chart a course to more enjoyable downtime. 

For a start, there may be others in your industry that line up with your own schedule, enabling you to catch up more often. With proper time management, too, you can ensure that friends remain at the top of your list for designated social hours.


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