How Have Blue Ticks Changed On Twitter

By: | March 24th, 2023

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Twitter has recently been overtaken by Elon Musk, and the app has been seeing multiple changes after that. Elon Musk overtook Twitter in October 2022 and soon after decided to introduce a paid version of the app. Besides adding new features to Twitter, Elon Musk has also decided to lay off many former employees of Twitter.

As revealed by ExpressVPN, Twitter currently has around 1800 employees, less than its employee count in 2012. Based on predictions, Twitter might end up losing more than 33 million users by 2024. Even though the app is currently flourishing, these predictions might be accurate if users do not like the recent changes made to Twitter.

Changes Made To Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms currently. The app allows users to post tweets and interact with other users. However, recently the verification method for Twitter has been changed. Elon Musk has removed the way accounts get verified, and now users can get blue ticks for their accounts by simply paying for a monthly subscription. The change was met with mixed reactions from its users, but it seems the new feature is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, let us look at the recent changes made to Twitter’s verification system.

Twitter Blue And Its Perks

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription for Twitter users that allows them to get a blue verification badge themselves. Earlier, Twitter only provided verification badges to users that had a substantial amount of followers. However, now users can get a blue badge if they sign up for Twitter Blue. Additionally, Twitter has also introduced silver badges for all government officials and institutions, as well as gold badges for brands.

Twitter Blue is currently available in select countries only, and users can access it for 11 USD per month on their mobile devices. Twitter is also available for PC users for 8 USD per month. Besides providing verification badges to users, Twitter Blue also provides some additional features to users. Users with Twitter Blue can upload longer tweets, customize their Twitter color scheme, upload NFT profile pictures, edit their tweets, bookmark and organize tweets, upload longer videos, and access two-factor authentication via SMS.

There is a possibility that new features can be added to Twitter Blue as time goes on. Now anyone can get a blue badge for their account even if they do not have a substantial following on Twitter. Additionally, an account does not need to belong to an influencer or celebrity to sign up for Twitter Blue.


If users want to get a blue verification tick on Twitter, they can simply sign up for Twitter Blue and get a verification badge. Other than allowing users to pay for a verification badge, Twitter Blue also provides some additional perks to its users. With these new perks, users can customize their user experience as well as get access to select features that are not available on the unpaid version of Twitter.


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