Here’s What Happens in a Matter of Seconds During a Formula 1 Pit Stop

By: | November 2nd, 2016

Red Bull Racing

Formula 1 pit stops take place in a matter of seconds, meaning if you blink you could literally miss it.

I’ve never really been one to ask questions about what’s actually going on during those two seconds during a pit stop; rather, I just sit back and enjoy the car coming in, wheels being taken off and put back on, then zooming away.

All in all, it takes 18 people to carry out a seamless pit stop, and lucky for us, Red Bull released the following video explaining who’s doing what.

Enjoy watching the “lollipop man” do his thing.

YouTube Description:

Pit stops have been a part of motor racing since the very early days. Together with our friends at GoPro we go right into the thick of the action of a F1 pit stop. 18 Team members, each with a specific job, to make sure the job is done in 2 seconds!

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