Heaven On Earth: Wireless Energy Transfer Now Replacing Electric Cables

By: | November 15th, 2014

IndustryTap has reported on WiTricity and Nicola Tesla and the idea of using “resonant energy transfer” to power objects across a room or even across continents. WiTricity is able to charge any device without using cables and is doing research that will enable it to “cast” wireless energy into every device type that uses batteries and perhasp even transfer to silicon.

We have also reported on electromagnetic harvesters and whether or not electricity from the grid can be stolen using simple devices set up nearby them.

Apparently, stealing energy is possible, if we take the research work being done by Yoshiki Fukada as an indication. Fukuda has created technology to increase and decrease the frequency of an oscillating magnetic field around power lines to interfere with the reception efficiency of home made devices and to thwart criminal access to free energy.

According to Fukada, information on the frequency of the oscillating  magnetic field can be encrypted so that a person attempting to get free electric power cannot “connect” to the oscillating field.

The following video shows WiTricity with a device that charges iPhones remotely, with no wires!

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