Hate Driving? These Cities Were Made for You!

By: | February 15th, 2023

Image by MrJayW from Pixabay

With long commutes, traffic, and never-ending errands, driving can start to feel like a significant drag. But why waste precious minutes stuck in your car when there are plenty of cities that were practically made for living without wheels!

From bike-friendly cities with countless lanes of devoted cycling paths to pedestrian zones where cars aren’t even allowed, these places make it easy for those who would instead leave their keys at home. Keep reading to discover which eight domestic and international destinations have become havens for non-drivers.

1.  San Francisco, California

Known for its hilly topography and notorious rush hour traffic jams, San Francisco is a great city to explore without a car. One of the most walkable cities in the United States, this Bay Area beauty has plenty of pedestrian-friendly streets and a reliable public transit system that can get you anywhere you want.

Biking is also a popular option, with dedicated bike paths and lanes in the city, plus an ever-growing network of scooter and e-bike rentals. The iconic cable cars offer a fun way to get around town without having to drive.

The city also has an extensive system of bike-share programs and electric scooter rentals, making it easy and affordable to explore without ever getting behind the wheel.

2.  Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital is one of the most walkable cities in the United States and an incredibly convenient place to live without a car. Its iconic Metro system runs from early morning until midnight, seven days a week (with some lines running 24 hours on weekends) and covers nearly all of D.C. and neighboring Maryland and Virginia. Biking is also a great option here, with miles of trails that can take you around the city.

For those who prefer to stick close to home, D.C.’s many bike-share programs and electric scooter rentals provide an alternative way to get around without a car.

3.  Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is known for its vibrant pedestrian and cycling culture, making it a great place to live without a car. The city is lined with bike paths, walking trails, and public transit options covering the entire metro area.

It also has a low cost of living, making it one of the best cities for people who want to skip owning a car and still save money. If you want to move from a different state to Portland, experts at national moving solutions can help you do it quickly. 9Kilo offers long-distance and interstate relocation services at competitive rates. Portland will be worth the effort!

4.  Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a paradise for those who want to ditch their cars. Honolulu, the state’s capital and largest city, is no exception—it’s brimming with bike paths, walking trails, and public transportation that can get you anywhere in the city.

Its tropical climate makes it possible to enjoy many outdoor activities year-round, like walking on the beach or exploring Hawaii’s lush rainforests. And since Honolulu is a popular tourist destination, plenty of sightseeing options don’t require a car.

The Hawaiian capital has vastly invested in renewable energy, and avid drivers will only reverse the efforts. You want to avoid being the cause of that, so make sure you take advantage of Honolulu’s public transportation and explore the city without a car.

5.  Providence, Rhode Island

History buffs and architecture lovers will love Providence, the smallest state capital in the United States. This charming city is surprisingly pedestrian-friendly, with a comprehensive bike network and plenty of public transit options that make it easy to get around without a car.

For those who crave fresh air, there are also several parks and trails within walking distance—plus a beautiful waterfront area perfect for taking in picturesque views. Providence is worth the visit and a great place to explore if you consider going car-free.

Living without a car is becoming more accessible, thanks to the growing number of cities investing in bike-friendly infrastructure and public transportation systems. From the nation’s capital to the beaches of Hawaii, there are plenty of great places where you can get around without ever having to own or drive a car. No matter what city you live in, there are always ways to enjoy the best it offers without worrying about traffic or parking.


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