BMW’s New Electric Scooter ‘CE 04’ Ushers Silent Urban Freedom

By: | July 15th, 2021

Image by Scozzy from Pixabay

BMW has dared to leap and presented the world with ‘BMW CE 04’, its first EV scooter and one that could revolutionize the field. The ‘CE 04’ is going to be made available in the market some time in 2022, and it’s going to have an asking price of about $16,000. Of course, as most countries offer incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, this price wouldn’t be the final for most buyers. But what exactly are you getting for your money?

First, you get a sleek modern design that looks both as if it comes from the future and also in line with the present-era styling. Good looks of this kind aren’t easy to achieve, but as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, let’s dive into some more technical stuff.

The included lithium-ion pack will take you as far as 81 miles (130 km) on a single charge, and the charging takes 1:40 hr if you pay for the quick charger option. Performance-wise, the ‘CE 04’ features a 31kW motor and it’s capable to take you from zero to 30 mph (48 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds. The top speed is 75 mph (120 km/h), which should be perfectly adequate for any urban mobility use-case scenario.

As for the handling, the early on-road reviews claim there’s nothing left to be desired on that part, describing the ‘CE 04’ as a highly enjoyable machine that turns into a factory of emotions when you’re met with curves and bends. Surely, the bottom placement of the battery pack helps create a superior sense of stability when turning.

Then there is a 10.2-inch TFT screen to serve as the dashboard, a smartphone pairing and charging compartment, smart turning headlights, an emergency system that calls an ambulance immediately when needed, and more.

What is the most important though for a scooter of this size and performance is that it’s dead silent. This makes it otherwordly, much more than what is the case with EV cars, because scooters are about letting the rider connect with the road and the bike, feel the air, embrace the vibrations, and enjoy the sound. In the case of the ‘CE 04’, you will be enjoying the peace of riding a far more civilized and advanced scooter that won’t wake the neighbors when you return home late at night.

Bill Toulas

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