Haskel’s “No-Hassle” Liquid Pump Selector Saves Time and Money

By: | April 23rd, 2013

Unproductive online searching for critical information on key products is so “last century.” Keeping with its history and mission of providing excellent products and service Haskel International (Haskel) has introduced an innovative online search tool. The “Pump Selection Wizard” makes it easier than ever to identify and collect information on the type of pump most suitable for a given need and its specifications.

Located on every continent in the world, Haskel is a market leader in engineering, manufacture, distribution and repair of high quality industrial hydraulic and pneumatic liquid pumps. The company offers the most complete range of models in the industry with respect to pressure capacity, compatibility, and variety of viscous liquids and slurries handled.

Liquid Pump Selection Wizard

The new “Liquid Pump Selector” provides an easy to use, intuitive pump selection wizard and side by side pump comparisons for easy assessment. A “Request for Quote (RFQ) Cart is provided for users to easily forward questions and requests to Haskel.  The selection tool can be accessed at Haskel’s website or directly at http://liquidpumpcatalog.haskel.com.

Haskel’s e-Catablog provides information and complete specifications based on:

  • Unit of Measure (PAI/GPM or BAR/LPM)
  • Available air pressure (PSI)
  • Outlet pressure (PSI)
  • Maximum flow (GPM)
  • Media type (petroleum-based oils, kerosene, water with 5% soluble oil; plain water, diesel fuel; most phosphate ester-based fire resistant hydraulic fuels; petroleum-based solvents; Skydrol and Aerosafe fluid; deionized water and demineralized water)
  • minimum horsepower
  • minimum ratio

Online Selection Wizard

The image below shows the selector’s simple interface.

Using the e-Catalog tool provides distributors and end users a convenient, hassle-free way to intuitively discover, evaluate, and select the exact Liquid Pump they need.

History of Haskel International

For over 65 years, Haskel has been a recognized leader in high pressure technology, manufacturing a wide range of high pressure air driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, valves and accessory equipment. Its main manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2000 and 14001. Dedicated professionals at distribution and sales locations around the globe are ready to offer application-engineering expertise and problem-solving experience. For more information visit www.haskel.com.

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