Harvard’s Belfer Center Definitive Guide to the Iran Nuclear Deal

By: | August 5th, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal (Image Courtesy www.defense.gov)

The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School have just published “The Iran Nuclear Deal: A Definitive Guide” which will be used by the US congress and public for discussion of this complicated and comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.

`Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal (Image Courtesy www.eshraf.ir)

The full text of the definitive guide to the Iran nuclear deal can be downloaded.

Following are the main categories discussed in the guide:

  • Limits on fissile material production of 1) plutonium, 2) uranium with assessment of current and future levels
  • Verification and compliance
    • Inspections and monitoring
    • Monitoring of declared facilities
    • Access to undeclared facilities
  • Possible Military Dimensions/Weaponization
    • Limitations on weaponization activity
  • Procurement channel: description and assessment
  • Joint commission and dispute resolution: description and assessment
  • Sanctions relief
    • United Nations Security Council Sanctions
    • United States Sanctions
    • European Union Sanctions
    • Lifting sanctions
    • Untangling the US, UN, and EU designated entities lists
    • Re-imposing sanctions
  • Civil nuclear cooperation
    • description and assessment

The following video is a quick one minute overview of the report. In essence the Belfer Center Is seeking to overcome some of the “hyperbole from both the critics and supporters of the deal.”

This video provides a one minute discussion of the major elements:

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