Unprecedented Feat: Massive Robotic Arm 3D Prints 27-ft-High Two-Story House

By: | March 26th, 2024

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Move over, cranes and bulldozers! The future of construction might involve a giant robotic arm squeezing out a house like toothpaste.

Icon, a leading company in large-scale 3D printing technologies, has introduced a revolutionary robotic construction system named Phoenix. This innovative technology is capable of constructing multi-story buildings utilizing printed foundations and roof components. In a recent development, the first engineering prototype of Phoenix successfully completed an architectural demonstration project, standing at an impressive height of 27 feet. This project is currently showcased in Austin, Texas.

Redefining Home Construction: How 3D Printing is Changing the Game

Icon, based in Texas, has become a leader in 3D-printed construction since 2018. With their Vulcan printer, they’ve built over 130 homes in the US and Mexico. They plan to create the world’s largest 3D-printed neighborhood. Additionally, they’re collaborating with NASA on projects for Mars habitats and lunar infrastructure through Project Olympus.

The company has also launched an AI system called Virtuvius, designed to assist in the creation and design of houses. By incorporating human input and project data, Virtuvius aims to generate robust architectural designs, plans, permit-ready blueprints, financial estimates, and construction schedules.

A New Era of Building

According to Icon, the implementation of Phoenix technology will significantly reduce their 3D printing costs by half, owing to enhancements in speed, size, reduced setup time, and decreased labor requirements. Furthermore, 3D printing allows for intricate designs and potentially reduces waste.

Buildings could be constructed with more complex shapes and customized features, leading to a new era of architectural possibilities. Icon has initiated the ordering process for Phoenix projects, offering wall systems starting at $25 per square foot and foundation and roof systems at $80 per square foot.

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