Google Ventures 2014: On Tract To Create World’s First $1 Trillion Market Cap

By: | December 19th, 2014

Google, Inc.’s current market cap is about $350 billion trailing Apple Inc’s $600 billion, Exxon Mobil’s $401 billion and Microsoft’s $381 billion. But analysts believe Google, Inc. is best positioned in the horse race toward the world’s first $1 trillion public company.

Being in a central position in the “Internet Century” and the “Internet of Things” Google needn’t look back at competitors nipping at their heels; Berkshire Hathaway $340 billion, Johnson & Johnson $300 billion, Wells Fargo $270 billion and General Electric $259 billion don’t stand a chance.

Google Ventures Activity, 2014

Google Ventures (GV) was busy in 2014 and ended the year with $1.6 billion under management, 282 total companies and $128 million invested in Europe. GV invested in the following industries:

  • 36% in Life Sciences & Health
  • 27% in Mobile
  • 24% in Enterprise & Data
  • 8% in Consumer
  • 5% in Commerce.

This may not seem like much, but Google Ventures is the Goose Laying Golden Eggs.

Acquired, Sold or IPO’d In 2014

The following 16 Google companies were acquired from or by Google or conducted an IPO in 2014:

All Google Venture’s Investments as of year end 2014

Spend some time clicking through Google’s portfolio to see what they are up to behind the scenes:

Finally, Google Ventures has a Youtube home with dozens of videos on its startups and activities. The following video is part of an interview with Kevin Rose on Charlie Rose.

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