Get The Richard Branson-Backed 3DRobotics IRIS+ Super Drone!

By: | January 21st, 2015

The IRIS+ personal drone is all you need to take to the skies and enjoy endless hours of fun. Fly manually using the included controller or use 3DR’s groundbreaking autopilot technology to let IRIS+ fly completely on its own.

Rule the skies with the all-in-one Richard Branson-backed 3DRobotics IRIS+ Super Drone, now with FREE shipping!

“Just dream of practically anything you’d like a drone to do, and chances are the new 3D Robotics quadcopter will do it. Autonomous flight? Check. Longer flight time? Check. Dynamic LED lights for directional awareness? Check. Crazy-ass “Follow Me” function? Check.” – Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo

  • Ready to fly: spin on the props, charge the battery, and get flying
  • Flight protection: lands itself automatically & returns to a home point if out of range or low on battery
  • Follow Me technology allows it to follow and film you w/ any GPS enabled Android-device
  • Auto mission planning: draw a flight path on any Android tablet or phone for hands-free flight control
  • 16 -22 minute flight time based on weather conditions, load, and altitude
  • Pairs w/ a GoPro camera (not included) using a stabilizing gimbal to get clear and steady video & 3D digital mapping

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Marshall Smith

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