Improving Your Warehouse – How To Improve Your Employee Environment

By: | January 10th, 2022

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Your employees are the backbone of your company and without them, you would be lost. Keeping them happy is fundamental to the day-to-day running of your business. Warehouses can often be contentious places to work as they are fraught with hazards, involve hard manual labor, and are often overlooked by other parts of the business. Read on to find out how to look after your employees, so in turn, they look after you.

Undertake Regular Maintenance Checks

Your staff’s number one concern will be personal safety so ensure you are undertaking regular maintenance checks on heavy machinery. Knowing that your machines are running properly and are compliant with health and safety regulations will mean that your employees’ risk of injury will reduce. The loading dock can be especially dangerous due to sudden changes in temperature, risk of falling, and large machinery such as forklifts and delivery trucks ever-present. Make sure all railings are strong and secure, the warehouse door is are working properly the area is properly lit.

Level Up Your Training

Offering your staff the latest training will not only improve employees wellbeing but also their productivity levels. Lifting and handling, workplace safety, and first aid training are a must, however, it would be prudent to offer extra training for a smoother running warehouse.

Why not offer training in organization and communication so that your staff are better equipped to deal with the practicalities of logistics and the issue that arise from poor communication? In addition to interpersonal skills, your employees would benefit from education regarding your specialist industry. Involving them in the wider picture and other aspects of the business will increase their enthusiasm for the job and foster a better working environment and lead to an increase in capability.

Provide Proper PPE

Giving your staff the correct PPE is super important to their well-being. All operators of heavy machinery must be supplied with hard hats and gloves if needed and all warehouse employees must be equipped with steel toe boots. Provide all staff with high-vis jackets so they are clearly visible to others.

Invest In Technology

Technology exists to make lives easier, and investing in high-quality tech will enable your staff to work smarter. If your team has to put in extra overtime to deal with inventory, look for a warehouse management system that can monitor your stock levels, automate pick lists and barcode scanners to help pickers. Increasing technology will decrease human error and lead to a faster, more efficient, more correct, and greener warehouse.

Keep The Warehouse Clean, Tidy, And Organized

A disorganized, chaotic warehouse can increase hazards and slow down any processes you have in place. Make sure all areas are clearly labeled and that bins, shelving, and racking have signage displaying what products are where. Ditto for any tools or packaging. This will stop staff from having to root around for long periods and waste less time. Keep floors clean and tidy to reduce tripping hazards and allow your staff to move around freely.

How have you managed to better your warehouse for your staff?



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