From Romance to Recall: The Secret Link Between Your Bedroom and Brain

By: | July 29th, 2023

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Recent research has uncovered a surprising early warning sign of cognitive decline: low sexual satisfaction.

A study by researchers from Penn State has found that middle-aged men with decreased sexual satisfaction and erectile function were more likely to experience cognitive decline over time.

The study surveyed data from 818 males aged 50 and over, for 12 years. Participants were asked to rate their sexual satisfaction and undergo cognitive tests at regular intervals.

The researchers examined how physical changes, such as microvascular alterations impacting penile function, and psychological changes, like decreased sexual satisfaction, are interconnected with a man’s cognitive abilities.

The correlation between our sex lives and our cognition is evident.

The researchers found that those who reported lower sexual satisfaction at the start of the study were more likely to experience declining cognitive function over time.

Viagra’s active ingredient (Sildenafil) was initially developed for cardiovascular issues.

So, the link between vascular health and erectile function is well-established. However, we lack effective treatment for memory loss.

Chief author Professor Martin Sliwinski said: “Instead of the conversation being about treating erectile dysfunction, we should see that as a leading indicator for other health problems and also focus on improving sexual satisfaction and overall well-being, not just treating the symptom.”

Enhanced assessment and monitoring of erectile function as a crucial health indicator could aid in identifying individuals at risk of cognitive decline before reaching their 70s.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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