Exercise-Mimicking Drug: Weight Loss and Muscle Building without Breaking a Sweat

By: | October 4th, 2023

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Regular physical activity effectively lowers the risk of premature death from various causes. However, there are individuals who are unable to engage in exercise due to health conditions or injuries.

Researchers have moved a step closer to developing a medication capable of persuading muscles to exhibit the effects typically seen after an intense workout, all without requiring physical exertion.

Enter exercise mimetics, a promising alternative for those incapacitated by illness or injury!

Scientists at the University of Florida discovered that SLU-PP-332, a compound, has the ability to target a precise estrogen-related receptor (ERR). This targeting results in an enhancement of skeletal fat oxidation, thereby increasing overall energy expenditure.

Exercise mimetics triggers a mechanism that supercharges fat metabolism and encourages lean muscle mass.

Exercise mimetics hold the promise of not only influencing body weight but also reducing the risk of various health conditions like cardiovascular disease and dementia. They may prove advantageous for individuals seeking enhancements in athletic performance or those interested in preserving muscle mass as they age.

Study Reveals Impressive Results in Weight Management

In a study conducted on mice, SLU-PP-332 activated a natural metabolic pathway that typically responds to physical exercise. When compared to a control group of obese mice, the group receiving SLU-PP-332 twice daily for a month exhibited a remarkable difference—they gained only a tenth of the fat and concurrently shed 12% of their body weight, all without altering their diet or exercise routines.

Additionally, these mice displayed an impressive capability to run nearly 50% farther than before the treatment, affirming previous findings that highlight its ability to fortify the heart muscle.

Exercise mimetics hold great promise but it’s crucial to emphasize that Exercise mimetics cannot substitute regular physical activity, as exercise provides essential health benefits that pharmaceutical drugs cannot replicate.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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