Drawn’s Take On 3D-Printing Makes Furniture and Interior Design Objects Fully Customizable

By: | July 5th, 2015


Sylvain Charpiot, an engineer and founder of French startup Drawn, invented a seafoam-colored robot arm called Galatéa that can 3D-print customizable furniture and interior design objects.

Galatéa, a former automotive industrial robot, is a large-scale 3D printer capable of heating plastic at over 440 degrees Fahrenheit to make simple, fully recyclable furniture.

At the moment, objects can reach six-and-a-half feet long and four feet high, and the company is targeting designers and interior decorators for their niche market.

Even artists who have galleries have a potential use for Drawn because of the fact the creations are designed for one-time use.

The object’s shape, color, material, and size is 100% up to the user, making Drawn a product to watch moving forward.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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