This Door Handle is Responsible for Increasing Hand Sanitizing Rates from 22% to 77%

By: | April 1st, 2014

PullClean is a new product from British design studio Agency of Design and is essentially a door handle that dispenses hand sanitizer.

The product is attempting to reduce the number of people contracting illnesses in hospitals, such as the stomach flu, where it is easily spread by numerous people continuously touching the same door handles.

So far trials in US hospitals have been pretty effective, with hand sanitizing rates rising from 22 to 77 percent.

The device is priced at $200 and one could only hope hospitals, restaurants, schools, and many other facilities invest in PullClean in order to keep germs at a minimum.

PullClean from The Agency Of Design on Vimeo.

The PullClean handle turns the door handle into a place to clean you hands, radically increasing rates of hand sanitising to tackle the rise of hospital based infections. Sensors inside the handle track usage rates, providing powerful data to let hospitals track sanitising rates.

Marshall Smith

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