DNA-Based Electrical Circuits Could Launch New Computer Revolution

By: | November 2nd, 2014

IndustryTap has reported that DNA is the Next Big Storage Technology in which 100 million hours of high definition video could be stored in a coffee cup of DNA and now DNA-Based Electrical Circuits are under development.

With respect to computer speed, scientists have long been pushing the boundaries of microelectronics, reducing the distance between transistors.

At the same time, scientists have been using molecular electronics to build and fabricate electronic components and electrical circuits with molecules as basic building blocks. But this approach has been wrought with complications and few breakthroughs.

Recently, scientists have turned to DNA molecules, pre-designed by nature to self assemble into miniature circuits.

DNA Based Programmable Circuits

Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, led by Professor of Molecular Biomedicine Danny Porath, have created what they refer to as a “DNA wires” that allow the flow of electricity through molecules of DNA strands. According to Porath, the breakthrough could “allow implementation of DNA-based programmable circuits for molecular electronics, leading to a new generation of computer circuits that can be more sophisticated, cheaper and simpler to make.”

In a paper published in Nature Nanotechnology this week, DNA and DNA based polymers provide versatile and programmable structures. The following video shows Danny Porath talking in general about his work:

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