Delivery Drones: Amazon “Octocopters” Flying Packages To Your Doorstep

By: | December 2nd, 2013

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has done it again. As early as 2015, Amazon Prime Air could be available to the public, specializing in package-delivering drones called “ocotocopters”.

What Is An Octocopter?

An octocopter is a drone or rotocraft, powered by eight rotor helicopter blade. In the event one set of blades breaks mid-flight, each arm of the “octocopter” has its own motor, minimizing breakdowns and ensuring the drone can continue flying to its destination.

Why Amazon Prime Air Is Exciting

Although the drone delivery system is a few years away, Bezos believes Amazon Prime Air will provide half hour delivery.

The drones can carry object up to 5 pounds, which makes up approximately 86 percent of the items Amazon currently delivers.

The drones use electric motors, making Amazon Prime Air a green alternative to delivery trucks.

The Delivery Process:

  1. Drones are stationed within a 10-mile radius of a fulfillment center.
  2. The autonomous drones are given GPS coordinates of the delivery location and take off towards their destination.
  3. The “octocopters” drop off your package at your house, apartment, condo, etc…


There are a few potential issues, from drones landing on someone’s head or car, to how the drones will deliver to rural areas. Also, it remains to be seen on how soon Amazon could get approval from the FAA.

Amazon Prime Air In Action:

Interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Drone Part at 11 Minutes. 

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