Cutting Edge Tools for Neuroscience Research

By: | February 13th, 2017

AMSBIO has published a new 25-page neuroscience catalogue that details its extensive range of specific tools and reagents to enable researchers to stay at the forefront of their field.

Cellular models are key tools that open the door to numerous neuroscience applications including neurodegeneration, neurogenesis and developmental diseases. With the discovery that neural stem cells exist in the adult brain, many researchers are now seeking to use these cells in in vitro studies. To restore normal function in numerous disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimers Disease, neural stem cell transplantation is an important emerging strategy. Furthermore, the recent advent of iPSC and genome editing technology including CRISPR has transformed the scope of neuroscience research allowing the generation of isogenic models and the ability to obtain large numbers of neural stem cells, which had been traditionally difficult to obtain. As many researchers acknowledge, the importance of studying the behaviour of neurons, glial cells and neural stem cells with a physiologically relevant context of 3D cell culture has grown.

Beautifully illustrated, the new catalogue provides detailed information on the latest neural stem cells, cell culture media / supplements, matrices, scaffolds, cryopreservation media and neural transfection products available from AMSBIO.

AMSBIO is a leading transatlantic based source for neural cells, media and supplements including iPSC-derived cells. The company’s large range of substrates and matrices including natural extracellular matrices and artificial scaffolds give you numerous options to develop your in vitro system. AMSBIO also offer proteins, specialised antibodies, ELISA kits, cryopreservation media and an extensive biorepository with neural tissue from numerous species. AMSBIO has an active program of cooperation with leading labs around the world enabling it to continually add new resources to its cutting edge neuroscience range.

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