“Code Halo”: Your Life Under a Microscope, New Model for 21st Century Business

By: | November 28th, 2014

Code Halo – Cognizant (Image Courtesy www.cognizant.com)

What Does Your “Code Halo” Say About You?

What if everything about you followed you around like a big dust cloud? Think: Pigpen from Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts comic strip.

Pigpen, with a cloud of dirt always surrounding him, came to mind as I was familiarizing myself with the new concept, “Code Halo”, or digital identity, coined by multinational information tech and consulting company Cognizant. According to psychiatrists, have a “dark side” which they prefer to keep hidden; many of us also like old fashion private, quiet time. That dark side is basically your dust cloud, always present whether you like it or not.

Code Halo describes information surrounding people, organizations, processes and products in today’s hyper-connected world. Code Halo is nothing less than the complete record of a person’s, company’s or product’s existence, writ large, gleaned from the digital world and used as indispensable information for corporate decision-making.

Cognizant has written a book “Code Rules” with illustrations and more information on the concept of Code Halo.

Rewriting the Rules of Business

In the following video, Cognizant’s Ben Pring, Co-Director of Cognizance Center for the Future of Work, is quick to dispel the idea that their new concept is yet another step on the way to thought police, George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth. The video is an excellent discussion on privacy issues and Pring admits there is plenty of grist in the mill to be studied and evaluated.

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