Is Your Electricity Bill Shooting Up? These Might Be the Reasons

By: | August 22nd, 2022

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Have your electricity bills gone up even though you are using the same appliances for the same time? Your electrical service provider didn’t overbill you or get your neighbor’s bill. Various reasons can cause a rise in your electricity bill. It is best to talk to trusted electricians like Ewing Electric Co. to help you figure it out and fix the issue or continue reading to know more about why your electricity bill may have spiked.

Cracked Or Leaking Ducts

Your AC unit or furnace will run more than usual if there is a leak in the cables, ductwork, or wires. The heat from the furnace or the cold air from the AC will escape through the cracks or leaks in the ducts, making the AC or furnace run on extra time to cool or heat your room. This extra run will cause increased electric bills as the appliance has to work extra long to get the desired results.

Faulty Appliances

Your home appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., consume more energy than usual if faulty. There are a few reasons why the AC may not cool as you want it to. When your refrigerant runs low, your unit runs but fails to cool down the house. This is the leading issue behind the common question asked why isn’t my AC cold? This is probably because there is some fault in the AC system causing the refrigerant to run low. This makes it run for longer to cool your home, drawing in more power and increasing electric bills as a result.

You can get electrically charged, or there might be an electrical fire caused by damaged appliances that can result from faulty wiring. The resulting electrical shock can be life-threatening if you come in direct contact with it.

Prolonged Use Of  Appliances During A Particular Season

During the summer, the use of air conditioners increases to provide some relief from the smoldering heat, while in winter, you use heaters and hot tubs more due to falling temperatures. Likewise, dehumidifier use also increases during certain times of the year. Hence, using these appliances more often during those specific seasons will cause your electricity bill to go up.

Leakage In the Hot Water Pipes 

Your water heater will work on overdrive to heat your water during the winter if there is a leakage in your hot water pipes. And as the water heater runs extra than it is typically supposed to, it will incur increased electric bills. This is why you need to check for leaks periodically in your hot water pipes, especially if you see a hike in electricity bills that you can’t account for.

Appliances Being Overused

There are certain ways of getting higher bills due to overusing your appliances. These are:

  • If the lights and fans are left running when you exit the room.
  • If you set the air conditioner at a very cool temperature.
  • If you crank up the heat on your heater.
  • If you leave appliances and chargers plugged in even when you are not using them.

A Poorly Insulated Home

You have to ensure that your house is adequately insulated so that the heat can be kept within the home. This is especially important if you live in colder regions. You must insulate the attic or roof to protect the heat in the winters. You will need less heating as the heat will be kept inside. Since the heating systems will run less, it will also lower your electricity bills.

A Leaking Hot Water Pipe

The water heater will have to run on overdrive to heat the water if your hot water pipes start to leak. Since the water heaters will run for longer, your electric bills are bound to go up. To avoid this, regularly check for leaks in hot water pipes and get them fixed as soon as any are detected.

Drafts In The House

The HVAC systems have a more challenging time maintaining your home’s interior temperature if you have a drafty house and the outside elements seep in. This way the HVAC system has to run more to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You need to identify all the cobwebs and the drafts in your house and seal them off. To keep the draft out, you can double-pane the windows, and on the doors, you can use weather striping.

Wires Getting Defected

You need to look out for damaged or frayed wires as these can significantly impact your electric bills. The connected appliance will heat up and consume more electricity than required if its electrical wiring is damaged. If you detect any such appliances having frayed or damaged wiring, call a licensed electrician to inspect them and perform the required fixes as soon as possible.

Appliances Still Drawing Power After Being Switched Off

Even after being turned off, your appliances may still be drawing power. You won’t be aware of it, but this power will still add up and show up on your electric bill. You can use power bars that will enable you to turn off the electronics completely when you aren’t using them.

Old Wiring

Arc faults and fire hazards are a few common accidents that are caused by old wiring. Old wiring is unable to handle the electrical draw modern appliances need. You need to call an experienced electrician to thoroughly inspect your wiring system if your house is over a decade old. A licensed electrician will be able to identify and replace old and damaged wires.

Summing Up

If you cannot account for your rising electric bills, it is natural to get hyper. Hopefully, this article has been able to point out to you some of the common reasons for rising electric bills, and you have identified your issue. Many people are now switching to solar panels as an alternative to their electrical needs to save on increasing electric bills. Call a licensed electrician to inspect and fix your issue right away.


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