$2.3 Million Bugatti GSV is the Fastest Production Car in the World

By: | February 10th, 2013

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., a 100-year-old French carmaker, now a subsidiary of Volkswagen, designs, engineers and manufactures a line of high-performance luxury automobiles. Bugatti is famous for pushing the boundaries of design and what is technically feasible in super fast automobiles.

Bugatti’s Grand Sport Vitesse (vitesse means “speed” in French)is the quickest convertible on the planet. It carries a 16-cylinder, 8 liter engine with four turbochargers and 10 radiators, has an output of 1200hp, reaches a maximum speed of 256 mph and weighs two tons.  When the convertible roof is removed the vehicle electronically limits itself to a maximum of 235 mph for safety reasons.

The GSV accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in 2.6 seconds and 0 to 200 mph in 7.1 seconds and covers a distance of a quarter of a mile in just 10 seconds. When the car reaches 150 mph it is only using half its horsepower. Owners of the GSV report being addicted to its high-speed open-top driving experience.

The GSV has an all-carbon fiber design that is optimized with aerodynamic components. A newly designed roof spoiler limits wind noise and wind flow to the interior of the car. A windbreak can be installed as well. Air scoops to the left and right of the engine cover pull air to the engine and provide ride stability. Centrally located double diffuser twin tailpipes bring up the rear.

The interior boasts aluminum and magnesium touches along with carbon fiber on the center console extension, rear bulkhead leather trim and belt outlet covers on the seats. Door inserts and adjoining trim are also made of carbon fiber.  Finally seats and armrests are designed with two-tone leather seat covers with contrasting stitching patterns.

The engineers at Bugatti have included a rear spoiler with sensors that move the spoiler as speed increases providing a downward force; the movement of the rear spoiler changes it’s angle when the rooftop is removed.

Bugatti manufactures its cars in limited offerings of 150 to 500 which usually sell out in a few months time.  The GSV production run was for 150 cars of which 69 were sold within weeks at $2.3 million.

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