Brave New Nano Flexible Phones and Shrinking Gadgets

By: | August 20th, 2013


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Soon people will be able to shop in a store and leave without checking out. Ubiquitous “scan your own items” checkout lines will disappear and remote wireless RFID readers will tally up the items in your cart and charge your cellphone for the items you’ve selected. Soon the cash and coins you keep in your pocket will become trinkets you pull out at holiday time to show incredulous grandchildren how you did things in your day.

Researchers at Mikron, Russia’s leading nanotechnology company, are creating a nanotechnology future for Russia and the world by developing the technical capacity to work at the nano-level, creating nano sized components and churning out nano-products.

Nano Sizes

Bar Codes To The Dustbin Of History, Enter Billions Of RFID Chips

Through nanotechnology’s use in the creation of Russian identity cards and subway train passes Mikron believes it will spark innovation and growth across Russia’s many industries. By way of example, barcodes currently on every item we buy, must be scanned by hand, and will soon be replaced by RFID chips that can be read remotely in real time as items are stocked, moved, sold, etc. The days of carpal tunnel syndrome from product scanning are nearly over!

According to Mikron, nanotechnology is already allowing researchers, scientists and engineers to:

  • custom engineer urban environments
  • affect what we eat and how we grow it
  • revolutionize medical technologies making once difficult procedures easy and routine, faster and less invasive
  • createbetter touch screen technology that will affect all machines and devices
  • miniaturization of everything
  • revolutionize industrial production
  • allow for multi functional chips that will bring data to devices and products in new ways
  • make RFID chips and smart cards upbiquitous
  • manufacturemore functional and securebank cards, subway cards, etc.
  • improve the protection of documents such as contracts, proprietary information, and identification cards and documents
  • replace multiple cards with one secure card which will be capable of holding all information about a person’s life
  • make smart cards with antenna for wireless radio transmission
  • build 90 and 180 namtechnology to build digital television sets and navigation systems
  • use micro-structured protective coatings to protect surfaces from where or deterioration from mechanical processes, whether, etc. The new surface is impenetrable. Corrosion resistant coatings are another advance.
  • make space ship materials stronger
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