BMW’s New Next-Generation Motorcycle Helmet Features a Heads Up Display

By: | January 9th, 2016

BMW’s motorcycle division is unveiling a next-generation concept motorcycle helmet at this week’s CES, something the company says will be a real product “within the next few years.”

That’s welcome news as it seems like most concepts as of late are solely for marketing purposes, but not this helmet, which comes equipped with a built-in heads-up display capable of showing speed, fuel, road sign recognition, and upcoming obstacles in real-time.

The heads-up display on the helmet features a forward facing and backward facing camera, almost acting like a rear-view mirror to ensure safety. Not to mention, the controls are on the handlebar to eliminate the need to fiddle with the helmet while riding.

Reportedly, the whole system can run for five hours or so on its removable batteries.

BMW will surely provide more information on their futuristic motorcycle helmet at CES, but we probably won’t have an idea of when the company plans to send it into production any time soon.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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