The 3 Best AI Writing Tools for Your Killer Content

By: | November 15th, 2022

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If you want to stay ahead of the content curve, you should be using AI-powered apps to help you write better and faster. In today’s post, we’ll roundup the best three AI writing applications that can not only boost users’ productivity but also produce unique quality content.

#1 Jasper AI

Are you tired of sifting through multiple sites after entering the search phrase “help me with my homework” each time you struggle with essays? If you want to stay ahead of the content curve, you should be using AI-powered apps to help you write better and faster. In today’s post, we’ll roundup the best three AI writing applications that can not only boost users’ productivity but also produce unique quality content.

With the help of Jasper, a robotic writer powered by the hyped artificial technology, you can produce high-quality original content five times faster than a human writer. Today, more and more users opt for Jasper to automatically generate content for their blog articles, social media posts and updates, compelling product descriptions, advertisements, emails, landing page copy, and even eBooks.

It should be noted that Jasper is currently available to Windows and Mac users only. Jasper can be great for both amateur writers and professional content creators that need to generate loads of original content on a daily basis. Jasper enables thousands of users to write faster and more effectively. And this app’s intuitive interface and low learning curve contribute to that.

If you look to create full-fledged articles and other formats from scratch, you can’t go wrong with Jasper. The good news is that this tool requires minimum human involvement to produce compelling stories. All you need to do is choose a dedicated template from those offered and let the program automatically create an engaging intro, body paragraphs that flow logically from one another, and wrap it all up in an effective conclusion. That’s the reason why lots of college students often choose this app for their creative writing projects. Still, if your goal is a strong research project, Jasper alone might not be enough. So, you want to pay RapidEssay for research papers for the best result. 

Though Jasper doesn’t boast a wide array of advanced features yet, and developers are still working on its improvement, Jasper can come in particularly handy if you aim to speed up your content production without compromising on its quality.

#2 Copy AI

Copy AI is another great AI-powered writer that might be a life saver for any content writer, blogger, or entrepreneur. Save yourself many hours of tedious work with Copy AI’s templates that help automate even the most complicated content writing tasks. You can produce unique product descriptions, create captivating stories for your subscribers, and even generate feature articles within the shortest time possible. And the best thing is that it requires only minimal input to start creating cool content that will resonate with your target audience.

Copy AI can be a great alternative to Jasper. Just like its famous counterpart, Copy AI features lots of useful templates that make writing a breeze. Select a required topic and let the app do the rest of the job for you. Not only will Copy AI generate relevant content for your blog, sales pitch, or SEO article, but also suggest some irresistible headlines for your work.

What’s more, with its new Chrome extension, Copy AI enables you to write on the go right from your Google document or any other application you normally use for content creation. This means more flexibility and ability to incorporate edits to your content at your convenience. So, the tool in question can rightly be considered a game changer if you’re looking for a reliable writing app that can help produce content fast and boost your blogging career.

#3 Surfer SEO

Much has been said about the importance of well-optimized content for your business success. And now that SEO-friendly content is ruling the world, what you want to do is make sure your content is up to the par.

It’s easier than ever to create attention-grabbing and unique content these days. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to automatically generate engaging posts, informative product descriptions, and personalized emails for your customers. Undoubtedly, this means a load off your shoulders. Nevertheless, being able to quickly generate content your customers would like to consume isn’t enough. You need to optimize and make your content rank higher on Google. That’s where Surfer SEO comes in handy.

Surfer SEO is a terrific AI-powered app that provides you with all the tools you may require to analyze your current content and make it SEO-friendly. Surfer SEO will run a thorough check on your content, compare it with other high-ranking articles on the web, and show how your content stacks against them. If you follow the app’s recommendations to the point, you’ll be able to optimize your content so that it can get to the top of Google’s search results. 

Surfer SEO is packed with exclusive features that will help you generate effective content strategies, put together outlines for your articles, edit your text, make your writing more original and keyword-optimized, and much more.


They are only three great AI-powered applications you might want to use to spruce up your writing and develop killer content strategies. Note that you can try any of the aforementioned apps for free to make sure it suits your needs. And what you also should keep in mind is that there are plenty more handy AI writing tools, and even more are to be released in the near future. So, stay updated and keep on looking for the best options to be competitive and successful. 


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