Billions Of Dollars Spent On Smart Grid Modernization Projects Around The World

By: | August 24th, 2013

Creating a global smart grid is as simple as applying today’s 21st-century technologies to an electric grid that was created in the post-World War II decades and in some cases includes “ancient” technology from an even earlier time. The objective of the global smart grid is to use energy more efficiently, cleanly, cheaply.

Countries around the world are linking together major public and private institutions and sharing best practices, identifying challenges and solutions, cooperating on innovative products and systems, and grappling with key technical and policy issues.

What Is A Smart Grid

A smart grid is a cost efficient electricity network that integrates nearly all the players in the economy allowing them to improve the economics of energy use, build and use more sustainable power systems, and be an engine of economic growth. In the modern electrical grid users are able to manage their electrical demand in the most cost-effective way while ensuring that the overall electrical system benefits too. Following are some of the leading projects around the world.


Australia is experimenting with Intelligent Network Communities and a Smart Grid City with investments of about $260 million. Click to enlarge graphic.


Canada is working on improving transmission line capabilities, developing a wide area control system, and undertaking the “Ontario Smart Metering Initiative.” Click to enlarge graphic.


Japan is developing the Hachinohe micro-grid demonstration project and a mega solar demonstration project at Miyako Island. Click to enlarge graphic.

United States

The United States is spending $640 million on Houston’s smart grid and installing 3.4 million smart meters and grid automation technology

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