New Non-Stick Toilet Bowl: Scientists Use 3D Printing to Prevent Stubborn Stains

By: | September 2nd, 2023

Image Courtesy: Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Have you experienced the frustration of dealing with an unclean toilet bowl that resists your scrubbing efforts? Those trying times might be coming to an end, thanks to an innovative 3D-printed toilet bowl infused with silicon. This cutting-edge creation has the ability to repel waste and debris entirely.

Breakthrough in Toilet Hygiene

The inventive toilet bowl originated from the collaborative efforts of a group of researchers from the University of Rochester. Using a 3D printer, they crafted a prototype and applied a specialized silicon coating. This coating creates a superhydrophobic surface, causing liquids and solids to recoil, preventing them from adhering to the bowl’s surface.

The design of this Abrasion-Resistant Super-Slippery Flush Toilet (ARSSFT) makes toilet brushes unnecessary. Unlike conventional non-stick coatings, this advancement preserves its slippery characteristics even when subjected to sandpaper abrasion, ensuring its effectiveness even when significantly thinned.

The researchers created a scaled-down toilet model (1/10th the size) and tested it with a flush, subjecting it to eight liters of water. The ARSSFT remained undamaged, retaining its exceptional slipperiness. The prototype endured 1,000 rounds of sandpaper abrasion, a file, and a Stanley knife, yet it retained its super-slippery quality.

The ultimate challenge came when various substances like mud, milk, yogurt, honey, starch-filled gel, and synthetic feces were introduced. Surprisingly, none of these materials adhered to the surface.

Greener and Cleaner Future

This new technology offers numerous benefits. It simplifies toilet cleaning, reduces reliance on harmful chemicals, and has water-saving potential. While still in early development, it could revolutionize toilet design, hygiene, and inspire wider applications.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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