Atari Table Pong Project Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off on February 7th

By: | February 4th, 2017

Table Pong Project

Last year, we wrote a short piece about the Atari Table Pong Project from Daniel Perdomo.

Today, he sent us an update announcing that the Kickstarter campaign for the Table Pong Project would begin on February 7th.

Interestingly enough, supporters of the campaign will have an opportunity to obtain one of ten tables signed by Nolan Bushnell, Atari founder, for $5,000 each.

A short excerpt from the upcoming Kickstarter page:

When everything seems to flow into the digital world aimed for individual playing, this project appears as a rebellious retro-futuristic version of the Atari PONG game, which brings the back-wards process, from digital to physical, to the table.

Originally developed as a tribute to one of the most iconic games ever, the main idea of Table Pong Project was to bring back the same experiences you used to get when playing the digital version. Loaded with retro sounds, bouncing lights and maintaining the same mechanics to stay true to the original gameplay.

Also, reuniting family, friends and stimulating social interaction opportunities, as the old Atari console did.

Thanks to electronics, electric motors and magnetic fields, we managed to create a playable coffee-pong table that comes not only with the game but also a classic digital clock displayed on its top, USB ports mounted on the rack and the possibility of streaming music via Bluetooth.

Atari PONG licensed us so we are bringing it back, in an original, stylish and super fun way!

Michael Cooney

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