Astronauts Aboard International Space Station Create ‘Bubblecam’ With Water & a GoPro

By: | December 2nd, 2014


Many viral videos these days are made possible by a GoPro camera but this might be the first time you have seen one in zero gravity.

NASA recently published a video featuring three astronauts aboard the International Space Station inserting a GoPro into a floating water bubble.

From there, the “Bubblecam” was born!

The trio of astronauts proceeded to record the Bubblecam with an entirely different camera, in 3D.

NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson were joined by European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst in making the video, which already has more than 800,000 views on YouTube.

It’s nice to see astronauts on the International Space Station get to unwind sometimes and create cool stuff like this!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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