Apple Marina Bay Sands Store in Singapore Floats on Water

By: | September 23rd, 2020

Image by Jan Kuss from Pixabay

The “Apple Marina Bay Sands” is the most recent physical store of the consumer tech giant to open its doors, and it is a mesmerizing structure floating in the waters of Singapore. Visitors enter the building via an underwater passage and find themselves inside a big glass dome offering 360-degree views meant to help them free their mind and creativity. This was what Apple wanted to aspire to the visitors of the building, and what they asked from ‘Foster + Partners’ who undertook the architectural project.

Sunshade rings run through the dome while the oculus on the top which is inspired by the Roman Pantheon is uniting past the future while providing a sense of freedom even when the shades are blocking the sunlight. Because only 10 vertical mullions were used to connect the 114 pieces of glass which constitute the dome, the panoramic views from inside are uninterrupted.

The “Marina Bay Sands” store invites creatives and entrepreneurs from the area to visit the store for support, advice, or just for inspiration. For this purpose, Apple has created a space for the “Forum”, where discussions and demonstrative sessions will be held, and also the “Boardroom”, where more hands-on work can take place.

Since the panoramic views couldn’t be compromised by anything, visitors are taken into the shop through an escalator clad in mirror-polished stainless steel. Also, the “Genius Bar” and the product display cases all go in the center, which is unique among all of Apple’s stores in the whole world.

Physical stores haven’t been doing very well in 2020, and the second wave of the pandemic isn’t painting a positive picture for 2021. However, the “Apple Marina Bay Sands” is a unique project that will flourish in the heart of Singapore’s vivid tech and business bay area, so it is one rare gem no matter what perspective you choose to see it from.

Bill Toulas

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