Airbus to Put Next-Generation Mission-Critical Solutions in Spotlight at GITEX Global 2022

By: | October 13th, 2022

Image provided by PR Airbus – GITEX

Airbus Secure Land Communication is participating at GITEX Global this year to showcase its elite roster of mission-critical collaboration and communication technologies from October 10-14, 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Tactilon Agnet, a unique collaboration application, takes the lead in the line-up of Airbus solutions to be exhibited at GITEX. First responders globally utilize Tactilon Agnet for real-time sharing of information via the solution’s multimedia functions, including video, mission-critical push to talk (MCPTT), voice, messaging and photo exchange.

Through Tactilon Agnet, users can collaborate in a single platform despite using different devices. Airbus will also display its solutions that complement Tactilon Agnet such as Tactilon Agnet Aviation, TACteam, a canine robot, and AMA XpertEye.

Tactilon Agnet Aviation and its interoperability features make it easier for airport personnel handling ground operations to securely coordinate. With better collaboration, airports can run their operations more efficiently and deploy their resources more effectively.  

TACteam is a collaborative mobile application that supports geolocation, fast detailed situational reports, operational planning, and real-time coordination as operations unfold. The application, which is compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs, remains operational even in cases of loss of radio coverage and network outages.

A canine robot, which is integrated with Common Objects’ platform and Airbus’ Agnet, is one of the main highlights of Airbus’ GITEX participation. The agile mobile robot features an array of sensors such as CBRN sensors and thermal and hyperspectral cameras. Defense forces can deploy Spot for routine inspection tasks and secure data gathering and transmission.

Last but not least is Ama XpertEye, a web-based platform that allows an operator to initiate or join an assisted reality call. Combined with smart glasses, XpertEye connects remote experts and field users. Using smart glasses, medical workers responding to an emergency can share a complete view of the situation with another specialist hands-free for a quicker and more effective resolution of the case.

“This year’s GITEX is a global platform for us to highlight our next-generation technologies for our first responders and public safety personnel. Technologies play an important role in providing our mission-critical teams with the much-needed connectivity, which is critical to the success of any operation and emergency response. We will demonstrate our solutions made to work even during the harshest conditions and in isolated areas.  In every situation, especially when they need it the most, our first responders can count on our technologies. We look forward to showcasing the power of our solutions and engaging with our fellow exhibitors and GITEX visitors from across the world,” said Selim Bouri, Vice-president for Airbus SLC in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


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